Kingdom Leadership

We have been involved in Church life and leadership for almost 30 years. About ten years ago, I had a very dear friend begin a dialogue that has transformed my thinking concerning Kingdom Life. He is a very successful businessman, and was and still is the company president of a multi-million dollar corporation. Yet being a christian and working in the leadership role of the church, he felt divided somehow? He used to explain the feeling as wearing ‘two hats’, the president of the business, and then a church leader hat. It was almost as if these two worlds were as different as oil and water. This began a conversation between us that has gone on for almost  ten years. We used to talk about this subject on the phone for at least an hour every Friday. We met twice a year for a whole weekend many times at a hotel conference room to dialogue this issue. I began to research ancient text, I conferred with many church leaders and business leaders as well. No matter where we turned you could not escape the reality that these two worlds in our culture have been separated somehow.

It is our passion to see the reality of the original configuration of Kingdom Life, to where these two worlds merge into something wonderful beyond belief. We have been trying to identify, and erase these lines for years. This material was brought forth from all of the years from dialogue.

I asked my friend one day,”So are you a christian that does business; or are you a businessman that is a christian?” This is not just a play on words it is a genuine thought to begin the Kingdom conversation. The one thing that was important in developing this material is that it had to be adaptable to both ‘worlds’, the business sector and the church. So with this in mind let me say at the outset that we are purposefully going to steer away from the ideas of christian and church because there is such a separatist mentality. We prefer the language of the Kingdom to where the true christian life is lived in and among our daily business life. So the answer to the above question to me know is I’m not necessarily either one, but I’m a Kingdom person.

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I am a prophetic, phylosopher, poet, song writer, contemplater, and lover of life and all things...On a 30 year plus journey to discover and manifest the Real me!
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  2. Aaron Wilson says:

    Great Post Mark! This reminded me of something Dallas Willard wrote about being a christian within the business world.

    I am learning to conduct the usual activities of life—in home, school, community, business and government—in the character and power of Christ. Jesus himself, of course, spent most of his life on earth as an “independent contractor” or businessman. Jesus could have led the ordinary life of the ordinary citizen in all of its legitimate respects. He can show us how to live now, as a mother or father, banker or computer programmer, teacher or artist, in the Kingdom of the Heavens. His character and power and personal guidance will lead us into life as it should be in all of these areas of human existence.–Dallas Willard

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