About Us

Mark Marshall has been in full-time spiritual work since 1994. He has served in virtually every single capacity in regards to church life. He currently holds credentials in good standing with Destiny World Outreach. He is also an ordained deacon in the Syrian Malabar Independent Church outside of India.

Mark has had countless hours of leadership training and has always been promoted in every single job he has ever had, to supervisory status. In 2002 he began his own business venture in creating his own businesses. “I wanted to experience the Kingdom life by walking out my spiritual nature in the business world, and fulfilling the reality of ancient truth.”

Mark frequently Blogs on the idea of living out the divine nature on Real U blog. He also currently has podcasts on iTunes on the same subject. He is a musician, mystic, friend, has written countless songs of which are sung in churches all over. He is currently writing three books, one just finished on the rewards to divine release through finances, Another on Mentoring, One on the Process, and has another one completed on the subject of Touching my Wounds.

BNI Chapter president for 2 years
Member of the Chamber of Commerce
Associate Chaplain at GPCF for 2 years
Served on the Board of Directors for several Churches
Co-Founder of Kingdom Life Network
High School Football Coach 6 Years
Created and implemented the Champions of Character Program
Currently Mentoring and Coaching several Leaders

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