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I am a prophetic, phylosopher, poet, song writer, contemplater, and lover of life and all things...On a 30 year plus journey to discover and manifest the Real me!


I looked this word up in the online dictionary and couldn’t find it. So I don’t know if it is a real word but I would like to use it to illustrate my thoughts for the day. I just got … Continue reading

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New Science of Motivating

I ran across this video a couple of years ago I believe. It made so much sense to as to where our new models of leadership have to come from. I believe we are coming into a new leadership style … Continue reading

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Does anyone REALLY care?

Through a chain of unusual events I have recently found myself in the midst of a “movement” within our area as it relates to business and schools.  I have been contacted by local colleges and universities to explain the success … Continue reading

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Kingdom Leadership

We have been involved in Church life and leadership for almost 30 years. About ten years ago, I had a very dear friend begin a dialogue that has transformed my thinking concerning Kingdom Life. He is a very successful businessman, and was … Continue reading

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