Having been a full time pastor for over 20 years I have to say one of the turning points in the life of Crystalbrook Church was when by divine appointment I met Mark Marshall over 12 years ago.  I remember knowing in my heart that God wanted him and his team to come and minister.  God opened they door Mark came and our lives have never been the same.  Mark has been a true friend to me,  many times bringing encouragement,  other times strecthing me to think outside the box.  Mark is real, genuine, and has a wealth of wisdom and experience he is able to express in his own unique way.  I would encourage anyone to allow Mark to be a part of you life and ministry. 

Senior Pastor
Crystalbrook Church
Dick Drumeller

Prophet Mark,

I want you to know how much your teaching series’, “Kingdom Leadership,” and “Leading Difficult People,” have helped me personally and in business.  You have given me tools on how to work with people to accomplish goals by understanding the value and type of influence that I have to help others go above and beyond their expectations.

I especially value greatly the “Leading Difficult People.”  That has been a wonderful insight into not only understanding my personality but to understand my family, those whom I work with and who work for me.  What a tremendous tool for all walks of life. 

Thank you for taking the time to give us such wonderful life changing tools that when applied will bring peace and harmony in our homes, church and businesses.

Patty Fink  

The Real Me, what a Journey! It seemed like one that would keep taunting me with no relief or real answers. Then I started listening to TheRealU podcast and reading the blog’s. I began listening only hoping that I would come closer to discovering who I am. That hope was met by a whole lot of real answers and understanding. I am at a place now of not only knowing more about the real me, but Loving the real me. I have a new passion for life. The constant frustration and dissatisfaction of living what I felt was someone else’s life are gone! With every step taken towards the real me I feel more love, greater acceptance and truly powerful to fulfill my life and the destiny God has given me. I have been set free from a polluted mind, and am seeing and feeling from a foundation of love. I love the real me, and I love TheRealU! Now, I am living. No longer ashamed and apologetic for myself. I can agree with God that the person He created is incredible! The power struggle to prove to others what I didn’t believe myself no longer exist. Now that I believe in myself I don’t need to prove it. Being a product of my raising and a disaster of rejection is not who I am! My desire to know Him more and my hopes to discover the real me are a reality now. Thank you so much for your help, encouragement and real answers!
Desirae Stewart
Mark Marshall brings the kingdom life alive by providing the guidance, know-how, and wisdom necessary to lead others into the kingdom life.  In both the practical and ancient spiritual aspect Mentor Manna has provided for me an invaluable relational resource that is changing how I lead others.  Everyone that connects with Mark will find a treasure of godly advice that comes from years of experience.
Aaron Wilson
Admin Pastor
Crystalbrook Church

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